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Welcome to I N S A N E SALOON! A new concept of beauty saloon from Cluj-Napoca city. We are a team formed by 6 members. All of us are qualified in haircut branch and beauty concepts. We work everyday to make sure that our customers have a quality experience when they try our services. Our barbers are professionaly qualified and they are receiving continuously training and education in this domain from the best coaches who activate in this industry. Do you want a new haircut or maybe a new colour for your hair? Our barbers are ready to help you for a receive a new refresh or a new showy look.

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Insane salon
Insane salon
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Become a Barber with I N S A N E Academy

Beside haircuts and barber services, our saloon offers you courses to improve your skills and courses for beginners in haircut industry. Discover our advantages we can provide to you by participating to our courses

Improving Course 

What is this course for?
This course is a two days workshop, with intensive training. To obtain this course you need at least one year of practice in this domain. The coordinators of this course are Horatiu Tolan, the winner of multiple contests in Romania, and even in other countries, and of course, his partner, Bogdan Nistor. The benefits of this seminar are gaining tips of fade cut, styling, shaping and photography and edits. We are glad to help you develop more professional skills!

Beginner Course. 

By participating at this 2 month course, you will receive an accredited certificate, which is recognized even in the European Union. This course is both for beginners and even for the barbers who want to improve and gain new knowledges in the haircut industry. The certificate which is offered by the end of the course will assure the necessary skills to practice as a barber in a genuine saloon

Our Team
Horatiu Tolan Insane Salon Cluj Napoca
Horațiu Tolan
Paula Pop cosmetizare
Paula Tolan
bogdan nistor haistylist
Bogdan Nistor
Robert Muresan hairsylist
Robert Mureșan
Petra Sebastian hairtsylist
Petra Sebastian
Vlad Pojar

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